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Store Opening Dates To Be Posted Soon!

See you soon! (weather permitting, of course)

New online store...check it out!

delicious ripe strawberries

Think Spring!

Clover's Garden Centers will be opening soon...
and we will have perennial strawberry plants. Home grown strawberries are juicy, flavorful, and a delicious addition to breakfast cereal.
Or how about making some homemade strawberry preserves?
If you get them planted early, you will get your first crop in late June.


A little bird told me...

Visit a Clover's Garden Center location near you during opening week for some "Early Bird" specials!
See our opening soon page for more information on store opening dates.

Did you know?

Some annual flowers actually prefer cooler spring weather, and perform better in spring and fall.

They are known as hardy annuals and are the most cold tolerant. They will survive a light frost and some freezing weather without being killed.

In most cases, they can be planted in April and early May before the last frost date.

Hardy annuals include calendula, cornflower, dianthus, foxglove, larkspur, pansy, sweet alyssum, stocks, and violas. Most hardy annuals are not heat tolerant though, and should be slightly shaded and well watered in the heat of summer to avoid their decline with the onset of hot summer weather.

coming soon

Coming Soon...

We will be opening soon at a location near you, but, while you wait for Clover's Opening Day, please visit our
Gardening Resource Center to help you plan the garden of your dreams for 2013!


Fun for Everyone!

Try vermicomposting!

Vermicomposting, or worm composting is easy, fun, good for the environment and FUN for the whole family. Learn more...


Put on your mittens and get gardening!

Yes! There are many vegetables that want an early start in cool, even cold weather to thrive. Learn more by visiting our page on cold tolerant vegetables then put away the snow shovel and bring out the gardening spade!

urban farmer

We can help you!

Visit our
Urban Farming resources
to help you grow
the best vegetables possible!

butterfly and hummingbird garden

Hey Kids!

Grow your own
Butterfly & hummingbird garden!

Clover's retail garden centers offers fun for children at all stores located in Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding suburbs

Looking for a field trip destination for childen?

Consider Clover's Garden Center. We offer a fun-filled & educational field trips to our garden center location in your community.
Learn more...

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